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Automated Processing of Technical Textiles



For heavy stuff! CNC-controlled sewing unit KL 300

Processing heavy-duty belts, tension belts, parachute harnesses, climbing harnesses and heavy-duty luggage nets, KSL has realized a modified heavy-duty sewing unit with a sewing area of 1,000 x 600 mm. The machine is equipped with H-Type sewing head, which ensures effortless penetration of heavy textiles up to 15 mm thickness. The template is X- and Y-axis driven. A second thread tension and two heights of stroke can be activated pneumatically via program, which supports the sewing over cross seams.



Intelligent and quality-enhancing features guarantees a maximum sewing reliability, e.g.:


- Thread monitoring for the upper thread via sensor

- Monitoring of the thread quantity for the bobbin thread by stitch counting

- Pneumatic thread nipper

- Thread cutter for upper and bobbin thread

- Pneumatic needle cooling


The touch screen operator panel ensures intuitive operation and features a modern and clear layout. The seam may be monitored in real time on the screen. A fully overlapping operation is facilitated by utilizing interchangeable frames and the U-shaped extension table. The automatic detection of the material clamp provides added process reliability. The sewing area is protected by a light-barrier.


By realizing this CNC sewing unit, KSL highlights its reputation as the leading high-tech company able to design and implement a solution for any customer requirement. No matter how complex.