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KSL celebrates its 50th anniversary

Sewing is a high topic technology with a long history.
KSL is part of this history since 1964. This year KSL does celebrate 50 years and is one of the most innovative in this branch.

During the founding years “Keilmann Company” sold and repaired sewing machines for the private use. It did not take long to see the opportunities of sewing technology and to start making the machines suitable for industrial standards. Machines for automobile seat covers, airbags and upholstery were made available.

Automation “made by KSL” opened three essential advantages to the industry: reproducible quality, speed and low manufacturing costs.

Automotive remains a main focus until today. Top ranking have applications for home textiles, filter industry, fashion, furniture and – since carbon- and glass fiber emerged – aerospace.

The export quota of the southern German manufacturer of special purpose machines comes up to 80 per cent. Since 2013 KSL belongs to the ShangGong Group which is holder of further global players of the sewing technology like Dürkopp Adler and Pfaff.