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CNC-Sewing Unit KL110 Airbag Manufacture

Free programmable CNC-Sewing Unit

Free programmable CNC-sewing unit with rotating sewing head for machines in modular design for airbag manufacture.

Typical fields of operation are closing of the outer seam, sewing of free programmable 2D-geometries as well as sewing after the silicone application.

The size of the sewing field suits not only manufacture of curtain bags but also several side airbags in one process.

Reproducibility of seams for highest demands on quality.

    • Curtain-airbags with a length of up to 3500 mm
    • Side airbags in multiple use
    • Sewing process after the silicone application
    • Size of the sewing field from 1500 x 600 mm up to 3500 x 800 mm
    • Stitch type: 1- or 2-needle double lock stitch / double chain stitch
    • 360° rotating sewing head with needle transport
    • Continuous multiple foot transport
    • Automatic template exchange system
    • Exact seam pattern / thread pull in all sewing directions
    • Liftable and/or movable sewing head for direct path programming
    • Automatic template recognition
    • Overlapped operation during the sewing process
    • Free programmable height of the pressure foot pneumatic/electromotive as well as second thread tension, adjustable during the sewing process
    • Illuminated table in the loading are for visual monitoring of the seam flow, e.g. after the silicone application
    • Integration of safety relevant quality monitoring systems
    • Various thread separating units depending on the customer demands
    • Integration of additional function into the template
    • Automatic template recognition in the loading area as well as triggering of additional functions
    • Automatic opening of the bobbin lid
    • Automatic tape feeding
    • Integration of an automatic upper- and/or lower tape feeder for seam reinforcement with tape cutter and tape advance
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