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CNC-Silicone Application KL 170

Free programmable CNC-unit for silicone application onto airbag fabric

Further functions of the unit are positioning of the cuts with loading aids in the bottom plate as well as fixation with vacuum suction unit in
the table and the lid.
The lid is movable in axial direction. A vacuum will lift the upper cut and position the cut after the silicone application exactly. Reproducible constant height of the silicone application is guaranteed by servomotorical movable distance height adjustment.

    • Curtain airbags with a length of up to 3500 mm
    • Side airbags in multiple use
    • Overlapped operation in double-field design
    • Operation field in sizes from 600 x 600 mm up to 3500 x 800 mm
    • Liftable and movable silicone applicator for direct path programming
    • Free programmable measurable dosage unit for even silicone application, suitable for 2-component silicones
    • Vacuum system for exact positioning of both material layers
    • Height of the silicone application with servo-motorically movable distance height adjustment
    • Automatic monitoring of airbag material loading
    • Reproducibility of the silicone application with gear pump
    • Easy re-tooling of the vacuum station for other airbag models
    • Upon customer request
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