Special Machines and Plants
Automated Processing of Technical Textiles

CNC-Sewing Unit KL 110

Free programmable CNC-Sewing Unit

Free programmable CNC-sewing unit with rotating sewing head for
machines in modular design.

Excellent seam quality and constant thread tension in all sewing directions allow the use of this CNC-sewing unit in all areas of technical textiles manufacture with highest demands on quality, i.e. visible seam paths.

    • High quality leather goods and handbags
    • Leather car seats
    • Convertible soft tops
    • Home furniture and design upholsteries
    • Technical textiles with high finishing requirements e.g. large area filters, bulletproof vests, parachutes, stitching applications in the field of aerospace industry
    • Size of the sewing field from 600 x 600 mm up to 3500 x 2500 mm
    • Stitch type: 1- or 2-needle double lock stitch / double chain stitch
    • 360° rotating sewing head with needle transport
    • Continuous multiple foot transport
    • Exact seam pattern / thread pull in all sewing directions
    • Liftable and/or movable sewing head for direct path programming
    • Automatic template recognition
    • Overlapped operation during the sewing process
    • Free programmable height of the pressure foot pneumatic/electromotive as well as second thread tension, adjustable during the sewing process
    • Spindle drive for highest positioning accuracy
    • Integration of safety relevant quality monitoring systems
    • Various thread separating units depending on the customer demands
    • Integration of additional functions into the template
    • Automatic template recognition in the loading area as well as triggering of additional functions
    • Automatic opening of the bobbin lid
    • Automatic tape feeding
    • Integration of an automatic upper- and/or lower tape feeder for seam reinforcement with tape cutter and tape advance