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Automated Processing of Technical Textiles

Manual Chain-Stitch-Machine KL 627

Manual chain-stitch-machine for decorative seams

Manual chain-stitch-machine to stitch decorative double needle seams on automotive interiors like dashboards, door panels or arm rests.

    • Automotive interiors, e.g. dashboards, door panel or arm rest
    • Home furniture
    • For all areas of processing technical textiles
    • Stitch type: 2-needle double chainstitch (type 401)
    • High post sewing machine
    • Stitch length 3 - 6,5 mm (mechanically adjustable)
    • Material thickness: max. 5 mm
    • Sewing machine fixed on solid iron machine stand
    • Transport system with bottom feed, needle feed and alternating feet
    • 1-needle design
    • needle distance: 6 mm / 8 mm / 10 mm
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