Special Machines and Plants
Automated Processing of Technical Textiles

Straight Seam Sewing Unit KL 205

Sewing unit for straight seams

Semi-automatic sewing unit for precise sewing of straight and diamond-patterned seams for all areas of processing technical textiles.

    • Automotive seating
    • Home furniture
    • For all areas of processing technical textiles
    • Stitch type: 2-needle double chainstitch (type 401)
    • Flatbed sewing machine
    • Stitch length 3 - 8 mm (mechanically adjustable)
    • Top- and bottom transport belts
    • Monitoring of seam beginning and end by photo cell
    • Laser light for part aligning
    • Thread monitor
    • Manual sliding of the sewing machine from the base frame for maintenance or adjustments
    • 1-needle or 2-needle design
    • Stitch type: double lockstitch (type 301) - Dürkopp Adler M-Type
    • Tape feeding device