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Automated Processing of Technical Textiles

Seam Documentation System KL 210

Complete documentation of safety relevant seams

Designed working station for car seat manufacture and all other areas of safety relevant closing seams. Effective workflow through use of Dürkopp Adler 867 M-Type sewing machine top.

    • Assembly seams with integrated airbag tear seam for car seat manufacture
    • Airbag tear seams for car door panels
    • Designed, modular sewing work station, consisting of standard sewing machine top DA M-Type, 19” industrial PC, barcode scanner, thermotransfer printer, winding device and network connection
    • Sewing machine top Dürkopp Adler DA 867-190322-70 (M-Type), single needle double lock stitch machine with integrated 2nd stitch length
    • Large two-piece vertical hook, adjustable sewing foot lifting height up to 7 mm, lifting height of the sewing foot with needle high position 16 mm, stitch length up to 9 mm
    • Photoelectrical remaining thread monitor for hook thread
    • Documentation of all relevant manufacture parameters
    • Monitoring of thread tension during sewing by thread tension sensors
    • Control and monitoring of the stitch length as well as speed and further sewing machine functions by the documentation system
    • Management of sewing programs and parameters for each single product
    • Traceability of the processed needle thread and hook thread by a documented winding process (KSL-patent), as well as other sewing material, depending on customer demands incl. electromotive winding device and incremental encoder to record the wound bobbin thread amount.
    • Printing of an individual barcode endlabel for identification of the product and traceability of all sewing parameters
    • Databank based system (MS-Access / SQL-Server)
    • Stitch length electromotivally adjustable
    • Height adjustable frame
    • Separate winding work station model KL 451 for process safe winding of the hook thread from a coded thread reel to a coded bobbin to increase productivity.
    • Linking with customer logistic systems to prepare complete product documentation.
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