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Automated Processing of Technical Textiles

Cross-Sewing Unit KL 220-L

KL 220-L

For straight sewing-together of transportbelt and tirecord.

    • Designed for processing of light and medium weight material with special design of material mounting/fixing according to the supplied sample (dipped liner with 2 layers, approx. 6000 dtex per layer with tappie).
    • steel bridge design for take-up of the cross-sewing head
    • linear-guiding systems with toothed belt-drive for cross travel of the mechanically separated cross-sewing head
    • separating device for the chain threads (hot-cutting device)
    • liftable cross-sewing head with 10-or 12-needle-double chainstitch tools and needle transport
    • multiple foot transport
    • needle margins: 6/6/6/6/6/6/6/6/6 mm or 5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5 mm
    • mechanically separated, electronically synchronized needle- and hook drive by servo motors
    • sewing drive electronically synchronized with cross transport during the sewing process
    • max. sewing speed: 2.500 spm depending on the material thickness and the amount of needles
    • adjustable stitch length: 4 - 10 mm
    • electronical thread flow monitoring of all chainthreads during the sewing process
    • max. cross sewing width: 2.000 mm
    • liftable material clamp at the right side of the cross sewing head to fix the material during the cross sewing process in the same length of the two lifting devices
    • needle bars at the left and right of the sewing head to fix and stretch the material during the cross sewing process, length of the needles 33 mm
    • material lifter to lift the material out of the two needle bars with closed long holes
    • machine control with SPS S 7
    • sensor for material beginning and end recognition
    • min. material width: 650 mm max material width: 1800 mm
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