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Automated Processing of Technical Textiles

Ultrasonic Welding Unit KL 213

KL 213 Ultrasonic welding unit

with outstanding features to join or cut thermoplastic materials. KSL (Keilmann Group) developed an ultrasonic welding unit, with 30 kHz technology appropriate to process technical textiles.

Available in flatbed-, long arm-, free arm-, post- and arm down design; also as integration into customer specific manufacture lines.

Setting of parameters for amplitude, speed, pressure and welding gap via touch panel together with menu management allows the recall of repeating welding cycles.

The integrated differential transport is designed as separate drive for ambos and ultrasonic horn with a differential speed frequency of +/- 5%.
Even tight radiuses can be realised for welding and cutting, alternatively with automatic amplitude adjustment.

The 30 kHz technology achieves higher production speed also for semi-heavy and thick material.

    • 30 kHz ultrasonic technology
    • Programmed welding of technical textiles
    • Higher amplitude compared to a 35 kHz system
    • 0,5 – 17 m/min. material transport
    • Seam width 1 – 11 mm
    • Material passage 400 mm
    • Ultrasonic frequency 30 kHz
    • 500 or 1500 W generator output
    • Steel roll seam ultrasonic horn with 128 mm diameter alternatively titanium or aluminium roll seam ultrasonic horn
    • Flatbed design, material passage 400 mm
    • Long arm design with an arm length of up to 1.500 mm
    • Free arm design
    • Free arm-design with an arm length of up to 1.000 mm
    • Post design
    • Arm down design
    • Individual design for customer specific manufacture lines
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