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High Speed Filter Pocket Manufacture System FPS 300

New benchmarking machine of KSL: FPS 300

The new generation manufacture system FPS 300 (Filter Pocket System) produces ready-made filter pockets of the highest quality at a speed of 24 m/min!

Thanks to servo technology, individual setting options and the finest needles of only 1.4 mm in diameter, the system provides first-class quality at the maximum level of automation.

The FPS 300 produces filter pockets with conical or constant stitch loosening, with straight or waisted contours and in special forms in the area of outer seam.

Every step in the process is fully automatic: feeding, sewing, sealing the seam flow on the top and bottom of the material, closing the side and bottom seams through to stacking finished filter pockets.

    • New innovative filter pocket manufacture system
    • For glass fibre, synthetic and melt-blown materials
    • Up to 40 filter pockets / min., 600 mm long = 24 m/min. production speed
    • stitch loosening up to 60 mm
    • unwind stand with roll lifting device and compensator to minimize machine standstill cycles
    • multi-needle sewing station with linear needle movement, up to 600 stitches / min.
    • new thread feeding system with integrated hotmelt station
    • side seam sewing station with movable and rotating sewing tops for waisted or free programmable flow of the side seam
    • high-speed cutting system - on-line, without downtime during the cut – for correct cutting of all processed materials
    • double bottom seam sewing station with stacking unit