Special Machines and Plants
Automated Processing of Technical Textiles

Filter Pocket Sewing Unit KL 970

Special manufacture system for filter pockets out of glass fiber and synthetic materials

For manufacture of single filter pockets out of glass fiber and synthetic material with constant and / or conical stitch loosening and conical and / or straight side seam as well as roll material.

    • Filter pockets for air filtration
    • Unwind system for up to 4 rolls of material
    • Edge control for exact material feed

    Multi-needle sewing station

    • Stitch type: single thread chain stitch
    • Number of needles: up to 12 needles
    • Needle sizes NM 140 / NM 160
    • Needle margin 70 mm, max. sewing width: 770 mm
    • Stitch length 40 mm
    • Stitch loosening 20 - 60 mm
    • Length of free stitch 100 mm, free programmable
    • Sewing speed approx. 350 spm

    Hotmelt station to fix the single thread chain stitch seams and to seal the penetration holes

    • Up to 12 hotmelt nozzles at material top side, engageable and disengageable
    • one by one
    • Width of glue path 8 mm
    • Free programmable hot melt interruption at the beginning respectively at the end of the pocket

    Side seam sewing station with movable overlock sewing machines for
    manufacture of filter pockets with waisted or straight side seam

    Double cutting system to cut the endless sewn material out of glass
    fiber and synthetic material with pneumatic plate shears and high speed
    cutting system to cut meltblown material (without pre-filter) with a clean

    Bottom seam sewing station to close the cut filter pockets

    Stacking device for manufactured filter pockets and putting on transport