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The Kaaba in Mecca

News of the quality of our machines has even spread as far as Mecca in Saudi Arabia.
The Kaaba is one of the two most sacred Islamic sites. Its walls are covered with the black Kiswah, which is a cloth decorated with a calligraphy of verses from the Koran worked in gold embroidery. The covering is produced on a special sewing unit, KL 110 CNC, manufactured by the Keilmann Group. With an electromotive adjustable sewing field size ranging from 14,000 mm x 100 mm to 1,000 mm, this system is one of the largest CNC sewing units in the world.

In addition to longitudinal seams, the calligraphies which have already been manually prefabricated are sewn onto the top section of the cloth with the KSL sewing unit. In the past, 30 people produced two covers a year. Using the sewing unit, three people can make up to six covers a year.