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Linearachse 3D-Roboter-Nähanlage KL 502

Sewing units for composites

We develop and manufacture custom-made units for processing of virtually all composites (carbon fibred, glass fibred, aramid). Precise, fast and efficient, in all sizes, from profile or stringer, even complex 3D-components.

Our units (portal units, robot technology) are used for manufacture of layers, connecting fabrics (unidirectional, multiaxial) and for manufacture of sub-preforms and performs.

KL 502 Linear axis configuration

Additional 3 Axes for stittching end effectors:

  • Communication software KUKA.PLC ProConOs
  • Additional KUKA control cabinet for 3 axes plus accessories (mounted on top of the standard control cabinet)
  • Controller amplifiers for 3 additional axes

Robot control software:
Techware software package: GripperTech, UserTech, ExpertTech

    • 6-axis industrial robot
    • 150 kg max. payload capacity
    • 2700 mm max. range of robot arm (orientation of stitching head(s) and individual shape of component may reduce the
    • effective range for stitching operations!
    • Standard robot configuration
    • 7 m cable connection to robot control unit KR C 2
    • Portable user programming interface with 7 m cable connection to robot control unit KR C 2
    • 6D-mouse for exact positioning of the robot axis
    • Microprocessor based KUKA robot control for 6 independent robot axes, incl. 3,5“ disc drive and CD-ROM drive
    • Operating system: Windows XPe
    • Programming language: KUKA KRL
    • Absolute path measurement by one resolver in each of the six axes including corresponding electronic control units
    • Peripheral interfaces: 24 V / 10 A; CAN-Bus (Device Net); Ethernet
    • Additional Profi-Bus DP Master/Slave interface card CP5614
    • Dimensions 810 x 1250 x 570 mm
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